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Ymail technical support

ymail provides following services:

ymail CRM: This is an Interactive CRM, has conversational AI for sales team.The first conversational AI for sales team, ymail has named its AI as Zia Voice which lets someone to talk to CRM through voice or chat.

ymail Sales IQ: This product lets the user to connect with a real time visitor using
proactive online live chat and providing live support.

ymail Docs: User can upload bulk amount of files individually or the user can also save multiple files.User can also create folders and subfolders to categorize one’s files by team, project, function, etc., and find anything instantly.

ymail Show: This is a service which enables its users to create amazing slide presentations.ymail show works online which means it is compatible on all available browsers. A user needs to go online and present.A team can collaborate in preparing the presentation even when all are remote to each other.

ymail Forms:ymail forms are laced with simple te boxes to complex formulae. A user can create PDFs, can personalize the forms with themes and templates,can use logo and custom color scheme to let the brand shine through. Inclusion of formula field cuts the busywork, it adds up and does some complex calculations right inside the form.

ymail Bugtracker:A bug is a software is a flaw/error/fault in a computer program that causes it to produce an incorrect result. ymail’s bugtracker keeps track of bugs in your software. Bugtracker has bitbucket integration which fixes bugs online and with bitbuket the user can host the source code and manage bugs online.

ymail also provides facility of after sale customer support, if one has query then one may contact ymail technical support by contacting on ymail customer support number.

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